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About $GCAT GreenCat

Why a green cat, you ask? It's not just our love for cats and memes that inspired us but our commitment to always stay green, symbolizing profit and growth in your investments. Dive into the world of GCat Solana, because $GCAT isn't just another token; it's a GREEN revolution with 0% TAX.



(0% TAX)

We wanted to do things differently, and that's exactly what we've done...

CONTRACT: GTCiWVk1qASGr46Jz9JJuoeEvTVN5c4C9hrnWG454kAr

Total Supply: 7,000,000,000,000 GCAT

Built on Solana blockchain


  1. Phase 1
    (100% COMPLETED)
    Stealth Launch
    A website launch and a social media blitz to awaken the curiosity of the crypto world. All the tokens were launched into the LP and got burned.
  2. Phase 2
    (100% COMPLETED)
    DEX Listing
    The roar grows louder as GCat Solana makes its debut on DEX, opening the gates to unprecedented growth and visibility.
  3. Phase 3
    +1k Holders + Marketing
    With over a thousand believers in our cause, we escalate our efforts, spreading the word and making GCat Solana a name that resonates across forums and discussions.
  4. Phase 4
    +10k Holders
    We're not just a coin; we're a movement. As our family grows to over ten thousand holders, we solidify our place in the crypto ecosystem, ready to scale new heights.
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GCAT GreenCat Solana GCAT GreenCat Solana GCAT GreenCat Solana GCAT GreenCat Solana

GCAT GreenCat Solana

This blazing start is not just a spectacle; it's the foundation of a coin designed for the future, ensuring that every holder has a stake in something truly unique and increasingly scarce. Embrace the heat, and let the flames guide you to a future where your investments are not just secure but primed for exponential growth.